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SAPROBIONTIC is a german death metal band from Dresden, Saxony. Formed in December 2012 by Ex- Profanation guitarist Chris and Panzerkreuzer, Ex- Disembowel guitarist Type the band became more than a side project for these guys. During the next few month a couple of songs were written to create their own interpretation of brutal music. In spring 2013, Phil (Ex- Fear the existence) joined the band to do the vocals. A few weeks later, in July 2013 a bass player was found in Nadine (Ex- And still I chase the sun). Due to her influences and her "galloping" rythms she became an excellent complement for the low tunes. In December 2013, Phil and the rest of the band decided to quit the cooperation. Phil was replaced by Maik (Cannibal Instinct) in the same month.

The first show was played in May 2014 as support of Massacre (US) and Lay Down Rotten. Since that date Saprobiontic shared the stage with bands like Cryptopsy, Jungle Rot, Disgorge (US), Krow, Obscentity, 5 Stabbed 4 Corpses and many more. In March 2015, Maik left the band and Chris switched over to the microphone. A few weeks later we sadly decided to part with Type to give him more space for his other projects and private life.

Our first EP "Beneath the Abyss" was recorded in April 2015 at City Sound Studios Dresden and was released on Septmber 3rd via Morbid Generation Records. After many shows with Bands like Cytotoxin, 7H Target, Dead Infection, Sabiendas and our friends from In Demise & Profanation we got the opportunity to enter the mighty Soundlodge Studio (e.g. Sinister, God Dethroned, Dew Scented, Cliteater, etc.) in September 2016 to record our first full length Album 'SCIENCE OF WAR' with Mr. Michiel van der Plicht (God Dethroned, Apophys) on drums.

Released on March 3rd 2017 the album got great reviews by several fan-zines around the world. In spring 2017 we also found a new main vocalist in Sven (Ex-Oblivian) to complete the the line up.


SAPROBIONITC is back to enter the stage!





Year Of Birth: 1986
Member Since: 2017
Former Bands: Oblivian
Equipment: Sennheiser Mics


Guitars, Vocals, Drum Programming


Year Of Birth: 1985
Member Since: 2012
Former Bands:

Profanation (Brutal Death/Grind, GER)

Jackson Guitars, Maxon ST9 Pro +,

Victory VX Kraken, Mesa Cabs, Shure Mics




Year Of Birth: 1990
Member Since: 2013
Former Bands:

And still I chase the Sun (Death Metal)


Ibanez BTB Bass, Darkglass B7K, Hartke HA 5500, Hartke Cabs


Zephyr's odem.

Review "Science of War" (german)

"Die Sachsen Saprobiontic aus Dresden veröffentlichten am 03.03.2017 ihr Debüt-Album „Science Of War“ und somit den Nachfolger zur 2015 erschienenen EP „Beneath The Abyss“. Wie auch bei der EP steht mit dem Label Morbid Generations Records ein Label zur Seite, was die sympathischen Dresdner unterstützt. Dass Saprobiontic in der Szene keine unbekannten sind, belegt auch dass unser Cheffe sofort „Listening-Ansprüche“ auf das neue Album erhob, welche sofort gewährt wurden. "

Raben Report

Review "Science of War" (german)

"Geile Scheiße aber auch. Saprobiontic sind endlich wieder zurück und zeigen uns mit ihrem aktuellen Mörserteil, wo der Hammer hängt."


Interview (german)

"Einen feinen Batzen haben SAPROBIONTIC einge- trümmert, weshalb es mich frühzeitig in den Fingern juckte, mal Kontakt zu der Band aufzunehmen. Das Resultat ließ nicht lange auf sich warten und wer mag, der kann hier mal reinschauen."

Dark and Sweet Things

Review Massacre Back From Beyond-Tour

"Ein ziemlich cooler Auftritt auf jeden Fall, bleibt da un- bedingt dran…"

Zephyr's Odem

Pre-view "Burning Alm" (german)

"In Sachsen scheinen die talentierten Bands auf den Bäumen zu wachsen, denn wie sonst ist es zu erklären, dass solch famosen Bands wie unter anderem Saprobiontic an die Oberfläche gespült werden? Die Suffocation Liebhaber (...) werden mit ihrem technisch hochwertigen Todesstahl für ein weiteres Glanzlicht auf der brennenden Alm sorgen."



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